• XMB #05 – E3 Wrapup

    It’s E3 wrapup time, late we know! We’ll get this sorted out and on time soon. Hear us talk about Move, Twisted Metal, Playstation + and more! It was a great E3 this year, and we have some great things to say about Sony’s offerings. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Audible.com – get a FREE audiobook download at […]

  • XMB #04 – Naughty Demon

    I have to apologize for the delay in getting this episode to your ears! We recorded this episode over a week ago, but due to some craziness here was not able to get it up and published to the web. Hope you enjoy it anyways 😉 Sadly, Joe-Bot 9000 does not make an appearance in this episode. In this episode […]

  • XMB #03 – Joe-Bot 9000

    A special guest makes an appearance in this episode of the XMBCast! This week we bring you rumours of a possible new PS3 bundle, chat about 3D Dot Game Heroes, give your thoughts on why Final Fantasy XIII is or isn’t a RPG and wrap up the show with some great PSP news. It’s like old school PSP Podcast in […]

  • XMB #02 – In the Swing

    We are back with XMBCast episode #2! Lots has happened in the last week and we do our best to cover the high points. We discuss the new Playstation protection plans Sony has started selling, Assassin’s Creed 2: Brotherhood, Mod Nation Racers Demo and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. We are trying to keep to a short 30 minute […]

  • XMB #01 – And So It Begins

    I’ve been getting some great feedback from episode #0 of the XMBCast, so thanks to all who sent their thoughts in! Welcome to the first official episode of the XMBCast podcast, your source for PS3 and PSP news and views. In this episode we toy with the idea of a three man show. I think it turned out decently when […]

  • XMBCast Episode #0 – The Genesis

    Hey guys and welcome to something new. I’m sending this episode out on all of the feeds here at VGPodcasts.com to let you know about a new show we are working on here, so sorry for any confusion 🙂 XMBCast will be a show covering the Sony PS3 and PSP, sort of a spiritual successor for my old PSP Podcast. […]



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