• XMB #15 – Next Generation Podcast

    This week Sony dropped a bomb on us and announced the PSP’s successor, the NGP (Next Generation Portable). This system is a beast, featuring a 4 core CPU, 4 core GPU, touch screen, 2 cameras, and supposedly cures cancer and shoots out rainbows. It looks amazing, and you can tell that both Joe and I are stoked for it’s release. […]

  • XMB #14 – Best of 2010

    It’s 2011, I know I know, late as usual. This time we had a good reason, listen for that reason 😉 In this episode Joe and I go down our Top 5 titles for 2010 and let you the listener know about the 2011 titles that we are most looking forward to. It feels great to be back, stay tuned […]

  • XMB #13 – Holiday Cheer

    T’was the night before Xmas and all through the land, not a game was being played not even God Hand. Joe and Lloyd were all snuggled sound in their beds, while visions of Playstation Move injuries danced in their heads. Sly Cooper on the shelf and New Vegas on the stand, were standing by waiting for more time to be […]

  • XMB #12 – On Time as Usual

    A comedy of errors has conspired against this episode’s getting up in time for Xmas, but we’ve prevailed and here it is! TAKE THAT UNIVERSE! Recorded in early November, XMB #12 finally sees the light of day. In this episode we hear Joe’s thoughts on Sports Champions, we both rant on Sonic The Hedgehog and cover some now old news […]

  • XMB #11 – Joe likes to Move It, Move It!

    Joe and I finally return after an unplanned hiatus! No, Joe’s “It’s Awesome” remix didn’t drive me into a fit of depression, or cause me to travel and hunt him down, we’ve just been busy! In this stellar episode we bring you our thoughts of Playstation Move, God of War 3, Netflix, Thongs and PSP2 leaks! We hope you enjoy […]

  • XMB #10 – It’s Awesome

    Joe and Sam get their revenge on me in this episode. Trust me, it’s Awesome, and not to be missed! Also in this episode we talk about what we’ve been playing lately, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, Bioshock and Dark Void. We also clue you into some new release dates for AAA titles coming in the near future, and share some new […]

  • XMB #09 – Ah Dope Dope Doh

    It’s Gamescom mania in this episode of the XMBCast. If you don’t know what that conference is about, you will. We talk about all the big announcements, AeroShock, Mass Effect and a new Ratchet! For reals this time! So you get all of that and our stories from the halls of PS Home await you in this episode… YOU ARE […]

  • XMB #008 – Just Joe

    In an awkwardly started show, Joe and I are here to talk about all of the games we’ve been playing on our PS3 and PSPs. Sam is on vacation this week, but will surely have loads to talk about next week! In this episode we talk about PS3 firmware updates, Madden NFL comine out, a duo of Square Enix titles […]

  • XMB #007 – I Am Lloyd’s Insanity

    We have a great show for you this week. Topics this week include Red Dead burnout, DeathSpank, Metal Gear Solid and a new Ratchet and Clank series! Of course we have the normal newsy stuff with out talk about new games, Move bundles and more. We hope you enjoy the show, please let us know how you enjoyed it. Today’s […]

  • XMB #06 – Technical Difficulties

    It was a long road, but we are back. Neither exploding computers nor the heavens opening up and trying to drown us could keep us away from the show! In this episode I let you guys know about my first foray into Red Dead, Sam talks about God of War and Joe lets us know about the weird hybrid that […]



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