• XMB E3 2011 Special Edition

    XMB E3 2011 Special Edition

    E3 is here, and Sony brought it! Not only did they apologize for the PSN outage, but they showed off some killer titles AND made the NGP or PSVita as it’s not known more attractive to everyone. What a killer show, join Trevor and I as we go over the presser and let you know our thoughts on what was […]

  • XMB #20 – Elvis Has Left the Building

    We’ve hit the 20th episode Milestone, here’s to 20 more.. or something like that! In this episode of the XMBCast we talk about our play throughs of Enslaved and Batman Arkham Asylum, then dig into the news including Parasite Eve, NGP prices, Game delays, and end with some awesome video links that you have to watch. Hope you enjoy this […]

  • XMB #19 – Clean Shaven Joe

    He’s hurt, but he’s back. Of course I’m talking about Joe, who faught past his hurt feelings to join me in this week’s episode! This episode of the XMBCast brings you news of Beyond Good & Evil, Hoe you can get yourself your own 8.5″ Cole, Shuttle Live streaming in Home, and more games hit the Greatest Hits program on […]

  • XMB #18 – Whatman!?

    Joe couldn’t make it this week, and wanting to keep the streak up I bring in special guest Trevor Whatman to co-host for this episode. In this Dead Space 2 heavy episode of the XMBCast we talk about the other games we are playing, the Xperia Play having users re-buy their content, Sony’s official word on the jail break, the […]

  • XMB #17 – It’s Not Dove It’s Dived!

    Joe and I get together for a record 4 weeks in a row to bring you the XMBCast! It’s a Festivus miracle! Before we get into the show I wanted to let you know that I was planning on calling this episode “Joe’s Bits and Bobs”, but thought better of it. Now since that’s out of the way… 😉 In […]

  • XMB #16 – Early Morning Problems

    IN this episode of the XMBCast Joe and I cover all the latest and breakingest news in the PS3 world. We talk about game sequels includeing Dragon Age and Demon’s Souls, clue you in to a deal for online play, bitch about games not allowing one to play offline, and more! Hope you dig. 3 weeks in a row, it’s […]



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