Welcome to 2009! We are back with a fresh new WiiSpot podcast, sorry for the unplanned break in recording! We are over that hump and are ready to rock it in the ’09!

In this episode we chat a bit about what we’ve been playing, talk about Club Nintendo, talk about the insane sales that Nintendo had over the holidays, talk about third parties, and finally let you all know what our most anticipated games are in the ’09! That wll about do it for this week’s episode, thanks again for your patience with the recording delay and we’ll talk to you all soon!

We hope you dig the show, be sure to email us to let us know or ask questions for future episodes!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – Boom Blox, GOW2, GHWT
  • Lloyd – Animal Crossing City Life, DS: Kirby, Personal Trainer Cooking, Moon

Release List

  • Imagine: Fashion Party
  • Ultimate Shooting Collection
  • SimAnimals

WiiWare/Virtual Console


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Contact Info

Twitter: Follow Dasme
Email: wiispotpodcast @ gmail.com