After some serious server issues we are back. While this episode was recorded on Saturday and edited that night, the WordPress install that I use here was hacked. Seems I forgot to patch this blog… oops. The important thing is that we are back, and we have a great show for yah! In this episode we talk about WiiFit, Smash Bros selling tons, Miyamoto and Boomblox!

We love to hear from you, so send in your questions and 60 second reviews! Enjoy this week’s podcast, talk to you guys soon!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – House of Dead 2 & 3, GH3, SSB
  • Lloyd – Okami, Mass Effect

Release List

  • Heavenly Guardian
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Target Terror
  • Wild Earth: African Safari
  • Mario Kart


Reviews and Email

  • 60 SECOND REVIEW: Geometry Wars Galaxies – Ben Kenny
  • EMAIL: Tom
  • EMAIL: Adam

Contact Info

Twitter: Follow Dasme
Email: wiispotpodcast @


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