WiiSpot Podcast Episode #006 is here for your listening pleasure. It’s taken a while, but Edgar and I have worked through our kinks and scheduling problems. We hope this episode was worth the wait!

You can call this the GDC special edition as we spend most of our time talking about it. In the hour long episode we chat about some of the new games coming out, and what was talked about at GDC; we rant a bit about a rant.. bleeps are out in full force! We also chat about some of the non Nintendo announcements at GDC… even though we have just a few stories to talk about, this episode weighs in at just over an hour!

So enjoy, and stay tuned for episode #7 coming soon.

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What are we playing

  • Edgar – WiiPlay, SSX Blur, Wario Ware
  • Lloyd – Sonic and the Secret Rings, Excite Truck

Release List

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour – March 13th
  • Blazing Angels – Squadrons of WWII – March 20th
  • Cooking Mama: Cook Off – March 20th
  • Kororinpa: Marble Mania – March 20th
  • The Godfather: Blackhand Edition – March 20th
  • TMNT – March 20th
  • Wing Island – March 20th

Virtual Console


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Email: wiispotpodcast @ gmail.com
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