Hey guys, the WiiSpot podcast is proud to bring to you our holiday gift guide 2007! Contained in this podcast are 11 games that we adore and a pile of Wii accessories too. We wanted to make a podcast that could easily be burned to a CD and given out to people who are stumped on what to get you. If you aren’t looking for any games, it’ll be a fun podcast to listen to anyways 🙂 If you are looking for a Wii still, we give you some tips on how to find one… but really, it’s a little late we think 🙂

Tis the season, and to celebrate we are also giving each and every listener a gift; a holiday/Christmas music CD! My wife Cara created this CD last Xmas to give to all of our friends and family, and now we want to share it with you. Head on over to vgpodcasts.com/xmas/ and download your copy of “The Best Gift of All”. Please let us know what you think!

You’ll have to excuse the audio quality on this recording. Sadly the ebay seller who was to ship me my new mixer instead decided to keep my $250 and the mixer… yay! :\ I have a new one coming from a different seller, but sadly it wasn’t here in time.

We here at the WiiSpot podcast home that all of you have a happy and healthy holiday season! See you in 2008!