• WiiSpot Podcast Episode #033

    Welcome to 2009! We are back with a fresh new WiiSpot podcast, sorry for the unplanned break in recording! We are over that hump and are ready to rock it in the ’09! In this episode we chat a bit about what we’ve been playing, talk about Club Nintendo, talk about the insane sales that Nintendo had over the holidays, […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #032

    Wii are back. *groan* The WiiSpot podcast is back in full effect! Edgar and I bring it to talk about everything Wii in the post TGS economy. In this episode we talk about de Blob, World of Goo and the Art Style games. For news we talk about Cave Story making it’s way to WiiWare, chat about WiiMakes including Rogue […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #031

    In this EPIC one hour long episode of the WiiSpot Podcast we give you our review of Star Wars The Force Unleashed, discuss the Nintendo Media Conference that took place on Thursday, talk a bit about Animal Crossing, and wrap it up with some news on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. We hope you enjoy the episode, be sure to email […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #030

    We are a day late and a dollar short, but we are bringing you the WiiSpot podcast anyways! Due to a last minute trip to Vegas by our co-host Edgar, we had to delay the podcast by a week. We hope you’ll forgive us! In this episode we talk about Strong Bad, Getting a robot to vacuum your house via […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #029

    Another week another LIVE podcast! Isn’t life grand? Thanks to all who came out and chatted with us, we love doing these live shows! In this episode we talk ABOUT Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Swords and Soldiers, some ongoing game deals, chat about Overlord and finally take some questions from our listeners! There will be no podcast […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #028

    A live Wiispot podcast was recorded this past weekend, and this is the recording of that show. We has some technical glitches with Edgar’s network connection, so please excuse the issues while you listen to this show. In this episode we talk about WiiMotion Plus, Homestar Runner, cheap games and offer some info on Megaman 9. We also took some […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #027

    In this episode we talk about all the big E3 announcements (yes, I realize we are late to the party on that one), chat about a 3rd party Balance Board, Animal Crossing’s funky new voice chat, The Conduit, and round off the podcast with some homebrew talk. The show comes in at 55ish minutes, each one sure to please! Thanks […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #026

    Another week, another live show (well.. we didn’t do one last week due to holidays, but you get the point). Edgar and I get together to talk about all things Wii live with a studio audence (sorta). In this episode we talk about some pre-E3 announcements and speculate on some other things that will come out of the big (now […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #025

    We are back with a new episode of the WiiSpot.com Podcast for your listening pleasure! We recorded this one last Saturday, but due to some Canada Day festivities I couldn’t get it edited and released until today! We recorded this one live and it was a great time, sadly we did not notice that Edgar’s mic was off until the […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast Episode #024

    We are back with the WiiSpot podcast, and this one is a special one. This is the first live video show that Edgar and I have done! While recording the podcast we were live on cam at Stickam and had a small group of listeners watching and listening live while we recorded. It was awesome being able to interact live […]


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