• WiiSpot/DS:Life “We’re Sorry” Cast

    It’s been a while, and we have no good excuse. Work, real life and everything else has conspired against us, but we are back! IN this combined catch up show for both the WiiSpot and DS:Life Edgar and I talk about DS sales, Metroid: Other M, new peripherals, Epic Mickey and Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS. We hope that […]

  • E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference Wrapup

    I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo “won” E3 2010, if you like talking about those sorts of things. Right from the get go (Well, not with the botched live demo of Zelda), Nintendo showed that it has more to offer to the Core Games. The Wii and DS are not just for kids. The 3DS will do more […]

  • WiiSpot #49 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

    Edgar and I get together to talk about all things Super Mario Galaxy 2 including our reviews! It won’t be spoiling anything to say that we loved the game, and we are sure that you all own it by now, but please forgive us as we gush over the title for a large chunk of the show. With E3 approaching […]

  • WiiSpot #48 – Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Yes, I repeatedly called this episode #47 in the intro, but fret not loyal listeners: Episode #48 is here! IN this episode we talk about how excited we are for Super Mario Galaxy 2, clue you into the fact that you can get a DVD to teach you how to play, let you know about a sweet deal at Amazon […]

  • WiiSpot #47 – Take it!

    We’re Baaack! After a short break due to some unavoidable life events Edgar and I are here to talk about all things Nintendo Wii! IN this episode we gush over Monster Hunter Tri, chat about Super Mario Galaxy 2 and all of the new suits, and talk about some new games including more lightgun shooters from Sega and a new […]

  • WiiSpot #46 – Bedazzling!

    It’s a slow Nintendo news week, but we don’t let that stop us! In this episode of the WiiSpot Podcast we talk about some follow up thoughts on the Nintendo Media Summit announcements, chat about new Wii colours and how they may have missed the boat, and give you some links to a trio of must watch videos for new […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit 2010 Special Edition

    Nintendo held a special MediaSummit presentation yesterday to talk about the games coming out in the first half of the year. Here is the emergency special edition podcast we did to talk about it. Unfortunately Edgar got tied up at work and couldn’t make it, but Stephen Munn from aeropause.com was able to sit in and offer his thoughts on […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast #045 – No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

    We are a little cranky in this episode of the WiiSpot Podcast, and aren’t sure why! Sure it’s another late night recording session, but still.. we be whiny! In this episode of the WiiSpot Podcast we talk about Nintendo’s Media Summit, how the Wii is losing some console exclusives, sales blowouts and the fast that uploading an .iso got one […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast #044

    Future Lloyd and Future Edgar are back and bringin’ you all that you need to know about the Nintendo Wii. After a trainwreck of an intro, and a non cooperative Edgar, we get the show started. Listen as we talk about the December sales-a-thon, gasp as we talk about mature Wii titles, cheer as we chat about NBA Jam’s triumphant […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast #043

    It’s getting to be that time of year, cheer is in the air, and Edgar and I are back with another WiiSpot podcast! In this episode we talk about the crazy sales that happened over the Thanksgiving Weekend, Nintendo cutting back on production, New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 1080p and FREE coins from Nintendo! We are going to try […]


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