Here is our first official podcast of the year! After a small break for the holidays, and some health related craziness we are back! Thanks to all who have downloaded the VGPodcasts App! Love to hear your feedback on this application!

In this episode we review ORBITAL, The Simpsons, Infinity Project, and Solitaire Siege.

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Notable Releases and Updates



  • Contest Winners – John Pywtorak and gdgtlover
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 hits app store briefly at $12.99, gets pulled. No comment from Gameloft or Ubisoft.
  • AppventCalendar – New Site – launching Jan 18th

Games Reviewed

Email/User Reviews

  • USER REVIEW: Antkee95 – Review UNblock ME – $.99
  • VOICEMAIL: John Pywtorak – DS or iPod
  • EMAIL: Jenny

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