Happy New Year everybody! Yes, even though I repeatedly call this episode #44, it is episode #43! In this special edition of the ToG I bring in Mike Berg from the local game company, We Heart Games to talk about his new iPhone title, Face Race! Be sure to listen to the end for details on how you can win a FREE copy of Mike’s game!

I’m also happy to announce that we’ve just released our own iPhone app! VGPodcasts will allow you to stay up to date on all of your gaming news from Nukoda.com, and gives you the ability to stream in any of our shows over WiFi, 3G or Edge! Please download this FREE app and let us know what you think of it. http://vgpodcasts.com/app/.

We’ve also relaunched VGPodcasts.com and it’ll become the center of our podcasting network! You can stay up to date with every show we release, and connect with other podcast listeners all in one place!

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