After a short break to regain our breath from the epic shows, we are back with some ToG goodness for you to inject directly into your cerebellum. It’s been a big week for the iPhone platform with Apple announcing the 3.0 software release! Besides that huge news item we talk about some new games hitting the store soon, a big sale happening now and tell you folks about out new show format starting this week!

In this episode we review and talk at length about three titles: Polycubes, 10 Balls 7 Cups, and last but not least Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children! We hope you enjoy the new format of the show, keep your podcatcher locked on the ToG feed for show #2 coming later this week!

This episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast is brought to you by 99 Games, with Chess Pro for the iPhone & iPod Touch!

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