• ToG #8 – Of Towers and Blobs

    We are back and we have blobs on our minds! In another epic episode we talk about a lot of games that just came out. There are some interesting things happening on the App Store and we are loving it! In this episode we talk about more games being removed via lawsuit threats, FREE games available for a short time, […]

  • ToG #7 – NDA No More

    Ding Dong the NDA is dead! Well, sort of. We have the threesome back for this episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! We went a little long in this episode, but hope that it’s an informative show for you all! In this episode we talk about the multitude of game releases and sales from the past week, changes to […]

  • ToG #6 – 5 is the new 10

    I’m joined by Rob in this episode and we chat at length about some of the big new releases, talk about how more and more games from big dev houses are coming out at $5 instead of the old standard of $10, and wrap up the episode with reviews of Vector Blaster and Imangi! Also, please excuse my audio quality […]

  • ToG #5 – The Force Underwhelms

    We are back with another episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast. Thanks to all who have subscribed and told their friends, we are digging the comments that we’ve been receiving. In this episode we start with some chat about firmware 2.1, talk about some new games that are coming out, announce some great price drops on the app store, […]

  • ToG #4 – Let's Rock

    It’s that time once again, Touch of Gaming Episode #4 is upon us. Breat and I got together to chat iPhone and we think that we put together a pretty good show for you. In this episode we chat about some new games that just hit the streets, briefly cover Apple’s Lets Rock event where they announced the new iPod […]

  • Touch of Gaming – Episode #3

    Welcome to the start of our weekly-ish releases of the Touch of Gaming Podcast! Bret and Rob joined myself for what was a longer then expected episode. In this episode we talk about some important application updates, price drops, Cthulu coming to the iPhone, EA supporting the phone with 9 new titles, and spend some time talking about ToyBot Diaries […]

  • Touch of Gaming – Episode #2

    Touch of Gaming Episode #2 is finally here. Rob joins me in this episode where we talk about Labyrinth, LEGO Batman, Radius and the potential for iPhone snap on gaming controls. We also give our impressions on Critter Crunch, Tris and LED Football. I even left in a bit of a screwup at the end so you all can hear […]

  • Special Edition #1 – Pangea’s Brian Greenstone

    We are very excited to of had the chance to sit down with Brian Greenstone the President and CEO of Pangea Software to talk about Pangea’s iPhone games and the development process. We’re hoping that this is the first of many developer interviews as we found it both informative and fun to do! If there are any specific development houses […]

  • Touch of Gaming – Episode #1

    Welcome to the Touch of Gaming Podcast Episode #1! In this episode Bret joins me to talk about the new iPhone firmware, Microsoft forcing devs to make their apps available for free, some new demos, and we give our reviews of Galcon and Pyramid Solitaire Lite. Keep checking back here for the next few episodes to be posted relatively quickly, […]

  • Touch of Gaming – Episode #0 – The Genesis

    Welcome to the Touch of Gaming Podcast… Preview! We are here to bring a quick and informative show to all or you iPhone or iPod Touch users. In this Genesis episode we are testing out some technology that would allow us to get 3 panelists together to talk about the iPhone. While we had some issues with Rob’s connection leading […]


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