VGPodcasts Podcast Sponsorship Program

How would you like to own your own little piece of VGPocasts lore while helping us keep the lights on and attain new equipment? Introducing the VGPodcasts Podcast Sponsorship Program! For a low one time payment you can sponsor an individual episode of one of our podcasts. This low cost, highly targeted marketing opportunity is great for your business, or karma!

About VGPodcasts

The VGPodcasts Network is a collection of Video Game news and review shows hosted by Lloyd Hannesson. Shows range from the iOS App Store, to Sony PS3 and Nintendo. We’ve been around since 2005, and are a trusted source for gaming commentary.

So, What’s This Gonna Cost Me?

While this may change in the future, currently you can sponsor one episode of a particular show for $10 via paypal. If you or your company would like to sponsor a number of shows in a particular month or week, please let me know and we can work on a deal together. We are more than happy to work with you, your company and your budget to make this a smooth process for the both of us.

So, What Do I Get?

For each episode you sponsor you will receive:

  1. Permanent link in that show’s show notes with your name and link to your website. If you are an app developer we can link directly to your iTunes listing for example.
  2. Readout during the intro ie. “This episode was sponsored by Bob Jones” with an optional website readout if interested
  3. Name and Link in the podcasts’ description. This will show up in iTunes or whatever podcatcher one uses to download their favorite shows.
  4. The warm fuzzy feeling that can only be attained by helping out a show you love.

This Sounds Great, How Do I Sign Up?

…insert sign up code here….