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  • DeREZD #073 – Polybius Reviewed

    DeREZD #073 – Polybius Reviewed

    We are back with another episode of DeREZD talking all about the PSVR. This week Will and I give our thoughts on Jeff Minter’s Polybius. What a trip. The stills and gameplay videos definitely don’t do this game justice! We then cover the week’s news and more! If you enjoy what we do here, please consider becoming a Patron so […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #286 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Nintendo Pulse #286 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Welcome to another episode of the Nintendo Pulse podcast! This week we talk all about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! I talk a bit about the birthday party we had where we had 14 kids playing WiiU and the Switch. Fun times 🙂 We also dig into the latest DLC announcements — the good and the bad. Enjoy the show! If […]

  • DeREZD #072 – Statik Reviewed

    DeREZD #072 – Statik Reviewed

    Welcome to the DeREZD Podcast for this week! On this week’s show we review the amazing puzzle box game Statik! We both really enjoyed this title. It’s a puzzle game sure, but it has a creepy setting that made us think of Portal or Half-Life 2. Statik is a little $20 gem on the PSVR store! Enjoy the show! If […]

  • Inside LEGO #037 – Buttercup is in the Building!

    Inside LEGO #037 – Buttercup is in the Building!

    We have a lighter on the news episode for you all this week. The next wave for Dimensions is still a few weeks away, but we still have some cool stuff to talk about! We chat about The new Dimensions patch, show off the Buttercup minifig (will a sneak peek at Beetlejuice), talk about LEGO City Undercover and more! We […]

  • DeREZD #071 – We Played Herocade…

    DeREZD #071 – We Played Herocade…

    Welcome to another DeREZD podcast! This week Will and I spent some time playing the new mini-experience collection, Herocade. Sadly we didn’t enjoy much of what we played. If this game was on your radar hopefully we can help you with your decision. 2 of the games are good, a few are ok, and the rest are a bit of […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #282 – Graceful Explosion Machine

    Nintendo Pulse #282 – Graceful Explosion Machine

    The Nintendo Switch is a month old! Stephen and I get together to talk about the past month in gaming. We chat about the games we’ve been playing: Has-Been Heroes, LEGO CITY Undercover, Graceful Explosion Machine and of course… Zelda! Run down the week’s news. It’s a packed show and we hope you enjoy it! If you enjoy what we […]

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