• Nintendo Pulse #281 – Snake Pass

    Nintendo Pulse #281 – Snake Pass

    It’s another week in Nintendo Land, can you believe that the Switch isn’t even a month old yet!? Feels like this awesome little console has been a part of my gaming life for much much longer. On this week’s show we chat about the Splatoon 2 Test Fire, New Frontier Days, Metal Slug and I talk a fair bit about […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #280 – Switch Doubling Production

    Nintendo Pulse #280 – Switch Doubling Production

    The Switch good news just keeps on coming! Nintendo is planning on doubling production, units keep making their way to stores, and indy devs have nothing but great things to say about the development experience. I’m being cautious, but I think we could have something REALLY special here! I also show off my new external battery pack, if you are […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #279 – The Switch Two Weeks In

    Nintendo Pulse #279 – The Switch Two Weeks In

    Stephen and I get together to give out impressions of the Nintendo Switch 2 weeks after launch. We talk about the system, our usage, our overall thoughts then take the games we’ve been playing. We chat about Super Bomberman R, Fast RMX, Master Blaster Zero, Snipperclips, Metal Slug 3, I Am Setsuna and of course… The Legend of Zelda: Breath […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #278 – The Switch is Here!

    Nintendo Pulse #278 – The Switch is Here!

    The Nintendo Switch has launched! Stephen joins me to talk about the console, the games and more! No game spoilers here, so don’t worry 🙂 We both love the console, but feel that the OS is lacking. Zelda is a very Special game, Snipper Clips is fun, Fast RMX is FAAAST and 1,2 Switch is better than expected! Enjoy the […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #277 – One Week!

    Nintendo Pulse #277 – One Week!

    We are one week out from the Nintendo Switch launch! We have a great show for you this week, we chat about what the Switch won’t have at launch (VC etc), talk about the JoyCon issues that have been found with the review units, eShop credit will be carrying forward, Screenshot tools and much much more! We hope you enjoy […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #276 – Switch in the Wild

    Nintendo Pulse #276 – Switch in the Wild

    Hey folks, we are slowly getting closer and closer to Switchmas! This week we have a great show for you! We chat about some new Switch details, go over the footage from the early shipped Switch (we found out afterwards that this was a stolen device!), Chat about the new Pokemon GO update and more! If you enjoy what we […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #275 – Three Weeks to Go!

    Nintendo Pulse #275 – Three Weeks to Go!

    We are getting closer to the Switch launch! This week on the Nintendo Pulse podcast we chat about Fire Emblem Heroes, interesting control methods coming to light, the new Pokemon GO events, Turok Dinosaur Hunter and even Link’s full name! We have a full show for you, and we hope that you enjoy it! If you enjoy what we do […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #274 – News Overload!

    Nintendo Pulse #274 – News Overload!

    We are back with another Nintendo Pulse for you fine folks! This week Stephen and I have an insane amount of news to cover, so settle in for some news overload! We cover the Nintendo earnings call, chat about some Pokemon, talk mobile apps, more pokemon… the WiiU is officially dead.. and much much more! We hope that you enjoy […]


Nintendo Pulse

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