We just launched a new show here on the VGPodcasts Network, that being iOS Pulse. Even though we already do a show about the iOS platform I was talking with Jared Schultz (TheQuacko) about the network and we both agreed that it would be cool to do a 2-3 times a week short form review show to go along with the Touch of Gaming podcast. After a few months of talking and pseudo planning, the iOS Pulse was born!

For the next couple of months you can look for 2-3 shows to come out a week until we have the format down, settling on a Mon-Wed-Fri release schedule. Unless we get enormous push back from the listeners that is!

like all of our other shows we would like to get a lot of feedback from our listeners on what they would like this show to become. Is 3 shows a week in addition to the standard ToG too much? Is the show too static? Should we do video as well? These are all things that we will be exploring over the next little while, so you can thing of the iOS Pulse as a show in flux.

We’ve already identified that the show was sounding a little flat, and will try to get the game’s theme songs as a sound bed to go under the reviews… and the first group of shows haven’t even been released yet! 🙂

I sincerly hope that you all will dig the show as much as Jared and I, and hope that you like the first change in 2012 that we are making to better the network. That said, would you like to help out with the iOS Pulse? Have another show idea that you would like us to work on (or work with us on?)? Please let us know! I’m going to push to change the network for the better in 2012, and hope to have a lot of you along for the ride!

Take it easy, happy gaming.