• Inside Dimensions #015 – Will Plays

    Inside Dimensions #015 – Will Plays

    We are back with another episode of the Inside Dimensions podcast! This week we finally are able to catch up with Will and get his full thoughts on the game. What were the hits? The misses? We also talk about some great sales and show off the updated collection, enjoy! Video Audio Contact Info Call and leave a voicemail! (505) […]

  • Inside Dimensions #014 – Calling The Doctor

    Inside Dimensions #014 – Calling The Doctor

    Will and I are back to talk about all this LEGO Dimensions, this week it’s Doctor Who! The level pack was released recently, and man does it not disappoint. Personally I feel that the Doctor Who level pack level is the best one in the game, but be sure to listen in to hear all of our thoughts! Video Audio […]

  • Inside Dimensions #013 – We’re back!

    Inside Dimensions #013 – We’re back!

    We are back! So sorry for the extended break folks! Real life sometimes has a way of jumping in the way! In this episode of the Inside Dimensions podcast we talk about the game FINALLY! I’ve completed it, have most of the figs and have lots to say! So sit back and settle in for a (Ack! so late) talk […]

  • Inside Dimensions #012 – The One Before the Release!

    Inside Dimensions #012 – The One Before the Release!

    Will and I get together to talk about the last tidbits of news that have leaked out before the launch of LEGO Dimensions. Can you believe that this game will hit in less than 2 weeks!? We talk about the voice talent trailer, talk exclusives and chat about twitter. We have a lot of post launch content lined up for […]

  • Inside Dimensions #011 – Midway Arcade

    Inside Dimensions #011 – Midway Arcade

    Less than a month to release, and we finally know everything (almost) about the sets coming out for this upcoming game! TTGames released the Wave Roadmap on Twitter. Through that we got a closer look at the Midway content as well. This week we talk mainly about Midway Arcade, and the 20+ arcade titles that will be coming to Dimensions […]

  • Inside Dimensions #010 – Scooby Doo

    Inside Dimensions #010 – Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doobie Doooooooo! Zoinks! We have a great show for you this episode! Will and I chat about the latest LEGO Dimensions news, including the Midway figure unveiling! We breakdown the new Scooby Doo trailer and more. Can you believe that the game is only a month away!? Getting hard to wait patiently! Shout outs to all of the viewers […]

  • Inside Dimensions #009 – Adventure Worlds and Ghostbusters

    Inside Dimensions #009 – Adventure Worlds and Ghostbusters

    Well did we ever get a present today from TT Games! Not only did they unveil the 3 Ghostbusters packs that will be available for LEGO Dimensions, but they clued us in to the Hub Worlds that will exist in the game. Man, this game is looking bigger and bigger by the day! We brea down the latest trailer they […]

  • Inside Dimensions #008 – Dr. Who and SDCC

    Inside Dimensions #008 – Dr. Who and SDCC

    This week we are here to do a trailer breakdown of the awesome Dr. Who videos shows off at San Diego comic Con! We have all of the doctors you can handle. We also talk briefly about the leaked achievement list, but don’t spoil much. We want to be surprised too! We hope you enjoy this episode of the Inside […]

  • Inside Dimensions #007 – Lord of the Rings and Comicon

    Inside Dimensions #007 – Lord of the Rings and Comicon

    Not much LEGO Dimensions news out there right now. TTGames must be in crunch mode! We go over what little tidbits that we were able to find, then talk about the LotR figures. We try to guess how each figure will be used, and go over the vehicles and accessories. We are hopeful for some news to come out near […]

  • Inside Dimensions #006 – LEGO Portal and E3 News

    Inside Dimensions #006 – LEGO Portal and E3 News

    What an E3! While we didn’t get a huge amount of LEGO Dimensions news, we did find out more about the LEGO Portal content in the game. It looks like Portal will play a major part in the fiction of this game, including the various modes that you can set on the Gamepad! In this episode we breakdown the latest […]


Inside Dimensions

Inside Dimensions

All the news and views on the new LEGO Dimensions game. Weekly your hosts Lloyd Hannesson and Will Kelley run down the latest news and rumours to keep you the fans up to date on all of the awesome.

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