• DS:Life Podcast #049

    As promised, DS:Life #49 is LIVE! Ironically enough it was also recorded Live 🙂 In this episode Edgar and I talk a lot about the DSi LL/XL, chat about DSiWare, new bundles, Black Friday, and more! It’s a great show, and I’m happy that our hacking problems are over! Enjoy it, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American fans […]

  • DS:Life Podcast #048

    Here is DS:Life Episode #48 for your listening pleasure. Let me explain the delay, for the past month and a half my web server has been repeatedly hacked, data trashed, files deleted etc. I’ve restored and rebuilt from scratch a few times, only to have the same problems pop up. I’ve finally determined the source of the problems and I […]

  • DS:Life Podcast #047

    Hello? Is anybody out there? Can you hear me? Wow, it’s been a while. Both Edgar and I have had a series of issues in getting something actually recorded.. but that is all fixed, for now! Welcome to another episode of the DS:Life! IN this episode we talk abotu all of the OS/System changes that have come out over the […]

  • DS:Life Podcast #CATCHUP #46

    Edgar is back from his tour of the world, and we are here with a catchup episode of the DS:Life podcast! If Edgar’s swashbuckling stories of world travel aren’t enough, we actually talk about some games and news! We’ve no 5 week trips planned anytime soon, so hopefully this break is the last for a long while! Until next time, […]

  • E3 2009 Nintendo Press Conference Wrapup

    Edgar and I get together to recap the E3 2009 Nintendo Press Conference. Since this converence covers both the Wii and the DS this file will appear on both feeds! We cover such topics as whether or not New Super Mario is a “real” Mario game (it is BTW, Edgar is insane ;), the craziness that was the announcement of […]

  • DS:Life Episode #045

    E3 mania has hit the DS:Life Podcast! In this episode we talk about all of the titles that have been announced prior to the big show, and wax poetic on what we think will happen during E3. Games covered include Drawn to Life, Star Wars Battlefront and Personal Trainer: Walking. That’s not all as I talk at length about my […]

  • DS:Life Episode #044

    What do GTA, GPS and DSi all have in common? Well, besides being acronyms they are all topics covered in this week’s DS:Life podcast! Edgar joins me again for a great episode of the show, one that has a bit of controversy! In this week’s show we talk about the amazing DSi sales numbers, clue you in to a new […]

  • DS:Life Episode #043

    The DSi is here, and we are here to tell you all about it! Nintendo’s new handheld has made a splash in the news, and also in our gametime! Tune in and hear what Edgar and I think about the system, it’s awesome features and strange quirks! If you are interested in DSiWare I give a rundown on some of […]

  • DS:Life Episode #042

    It’s GDC overload direct from the 2009 Game Developers Conference! The overload I mean, Edgar and I weren’t there 😉 In this episode we talk about everything GDC! There were loads of awesome announcements at GDC this year, including the return of one of our favorite heroes on the DS! Edgar and I also talk at length about our time […]

  • DS:Life Episode #041

    DSi mania is taking over the DS:Life Podcast this week. Edgar even drops the bomb that he will be buying one when it launches! I know.. I was amazed too! We heard your comments and emails! Thanks to each and every one of you that sent something in. We are glad that you love the show, and we will keep […]



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