Welcome to 2009 everybody! We have turned over a new leaf here at the DS:Life podcast, and are here to entertain! In this episode of the DS:Life Podcast we talk about what we’ve been playing including Kirby Super Star Ultra and Personal Trainer Cooking, chat about Club Nintendo, talk about Nintendo’s world domination and I chat about some hands on time I’ve had with the Nintendo DSi.

It’s good to be back and podcasting again after our unplanned break. We hope you enjoy this episode, and we’ll talk to you soon!


Until next time, enjoy your DS:Life!

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Edgar – Nothing on DS, GF has mine. GOW2, GHWT,
  • Lloyd – Kirby Super Star Ultra, Personal Trainer Cooking, Moon

Release List

  • Jumble Madness
  • Big Bang Mini
  • World Amusement Park
  • SimAnimals


Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: none 🙁

Contact Info

Twitter: Dasme NerdblurbEdgar
Facebook: Become a fan
Digg: Digg.com
Web: http://dslifepodcast.com
Email: dslifepodcast @ gmail.com
Voicemail: (206) 326-1221


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