Holy forgetting to post this episode Batman! My apologies, this episode has sat in draft status for almost a week. Looks like there was a server blip when I posted it, and it never actually posted… or something. Annoying to say the least. Oh well, you’ll get a double dose of DS:Life goodness this week!

In this episode we chat about the rumored DS2 mere hours before Nintendo announces the damn thing! Talk about your bad timing, thanks NINTENDO. We also chat about the DS in classrooms, fast food jobs and in your camera bag with an amazing piece of homebrew!


Show Notes

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What are we playing

  • Edgar: Heavy Rain
  • Lloyd: Heavy Rain, Pokemans

Release List


  • Zoo Frenzy – 500pts
  • 101 MiniGolf World – 500pts
  • Battle of Giants™: Dinosaurs – Fight For Survival – 800pts
  • Car Jack Streets – 800pts
  • Drift Street International – 800pts
  • Libera Wing – 800pts
  • Game & Watch: Mario’s Cement Factory – 200pts
  • Game & Watch: Chef – 200pts
  • Game & Watch: Judge – 200pts


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