• WiiSpot/DS:Life “We’re Sorry” Cast

    It’s been a while, and we have no good excuse. Work, real life and everything else has conspired against us, but we are back! IN this combined catch up show for both the WiiSpot and DS:Life Edgar and I talk about DS sales, Metroid: Other M, new peripherals, Epic Mickey and Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS. We hope that […]

  • E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference Wrapup

    I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo “won” E3 2010, if you like talking about those sorts of things. Right from the get go (Well, not with the botched live demo of Zelda), Nintendo showed that it has more to offer to the Core Games. The Wii and DS are not just for kids. The 3DS will do more […]

  • DS:LIfe #56 – Picking Up The Pieces

    We are back with a great episode of the DS:Life for your listening pleasure! We hope the inclusion of the XMBCast in the feed didn’t confuse you too much 😉 In this episode we are trying something new, attempting to keep the episode to near 30 minutes. We were getting a little long pushing an hour more often than not, […]

  • DS:Life #55 – And Now, We Dance!

    Just a few short days since I posted #54, DS:Life #55 is ready for your consumption! In this episode we talk about all things Nintendo 3DS, or what little we can chat about since Nintendo didn’t offer very many details about it. E3 2010 will be an exciting time that’s for certain. This week’s great intro music is The Huge […]

  • DS:Life #54 – Music Needs to GO

    Holy forgetting to post this episode Batman! My apologies, this episode has sat in draft status for almost a week. Looks like there was a server blip when I posted it, and it never actually posted… or something. Annoying to say the least. Oh well, you’ll get a double dose of DS:Life goodness this week! In this episode we chat […]

  • DS:Life #53 – It’s Finger Paint Time

    We have an interesting episode of the DS:Life for your listening pleasure this week. First off we chat about the high cost of the DSi XL and the inability to transfer paid for DSiWare games from your DSi to it, chat about a developer who recently filed for bankruptcy and dream a little bit about Scribblenauts 2! Hope you enjoyed […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit 2010 Special Edition

    Nintendo held a special MediaSummit presentation yesterday to talk about the games coming out in the first half of the year. Here is the emergency special edition podcast we did to talk about it. Unfortunately Edgar got tied up at work and couldn’t make it, but Stephen Munn from aeropause.com was able to sit in and offer his thoughts on […]

  • DS:Life Podcast #052

    In this episode of the DS:Life Edgar and I talk a lot about the iPad announcement and what it means to us as Nintendo gamers. We also chat a lot about digital distribution and how Nintendo can utilize it to stay ahead of the pack. We wrap the episode up with chat about Pokemon, MEGA MAN Zero and the DS’s […]

  • DS:Life Podcast #051

    Welcome to the first podcast FROM THE FUTURE. DS:Life is back to talk about all things Nintendo, and all things DS. Also, we talk about the Nintendo DS for good measure! In this episode we chat about the REDONKULOUS December sales, HD screens, Warioware and even manage to sneak in some chat about Beyonce. Yeah, we did it. You love […]

  • DS:Life Podcast #050

    It’s our 50th episode, and we celebrate with some new intro music. In our 3 years doing this the biggest complaint has been that intro, and I’m fully expecting complaints about this one now! In this episode Edgar and I talk about Thanksgiving day sales explosions, the DSi LL/XL, homebrew cards ruled legal in France and much much more. We […]



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