• PSP Podcast #11

    We cover a huge amount of news this week including more wipeout pure news, chatting about Sony and their lawsuits and all the latest and greatest homebrew. Cara is back with the Scene as well. PGR is looking for some staff. Interested in reporting on the latest news? Want to flex your writing skills in some game or hardware reviews? […]

  • PSP Podcast #10

    I chat a little bit about the latest news, a new 1.5 Exploit and more UMD movies are coming down the pipe. I do a mini hardware review of the Brando PSP AirForm UMD case and of course Cara is back with another great episode of the Scene. I also chat a little bit about the newest homebrew and emulators […]

  • PSP Podcast #9

    We delayed this one because of the reported release of the homebrew hack for firmware version 1.5 PSPs. Well it came out and it works! I talk about some of the latest hardware reviews that I’ve done as well. We have our first guest reviewer, and first call in comment to play. Cara is back as well with another great […]

  • PSP Podcast #8

    We are a little late with this one, but we are late for a good reason that you can hear about if you listen to the podcast šŸ™‚ I cover the latest news, remind you all that the Logo Contest is ALMOST OVER! You have 1 more week to get your logos in for this contest. Cara also has another […]

  • PSP Podcast #7.5

    This is a special edition weekend of the PSP Podcast. I’m making up for last weeks recording screw up and getting all the news I wanted to give you last week, including the Rengoku review! šŸ™‚ If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 16min 7.5mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS […]

  • PSP Podcast #7

    We have a long podcast for you this week. I chat a bit about the logo contest, review the Intec starter kit in my first mobile podcast, and Cara is back for another episode of the Scene! I had much more planned but some technical difficulties with Garageband forced me to limit this podcast to 30 minutes!!! If you would […]

  • PSP Podcast #6

    In this epsiode I chat a little bit about the goings on in the PSP universe. Cara is back for another Episode of the Scene, this time covering some of the best game announcements to come out of E3. If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 24min 5mb], or subscribe to […]

  • PSP Podcast #5

    I have a bit of a smaller episode for you this week. With the big E3 show going on most of the news has dried up for the most part. I chat a little bit about the homebrew scene that has exploded as well as go over the site updates and the logo contest. I’m trying a new MP3 encoder […]

  • PSP Podcast #4

    In this episode I cover the big news items from the last week, The homebrew scene starting, the released ISOs and Wipeout running from memory card. We have a few mini-reviews as well Mercury, Tiger Woods Golf, Hot Shots Golf, and an info piece on Metal Gear AC!D. A podcast time line can be found at the bottom of this […]

  • PSP Podcast #3

    In this episode I cover the last weeks biggest news items as well as talk a little bit about the logo contest I will be running soon. We also have our first in studio guest to talk about future game releases, and fight through some technical difficulties. If you would like to give it a listen you can either download […]

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