• PG Rewind – March 20th 2006

    We’re back with another episode of the PG Rewind podcast. In this episode I talk about the Nyko Charger Grip, Katamari is no more and cover some of the great Homebrew releases from this week. I also talk about the current game release list.. looks like we will get 7 new games this week! My wallet hurts at the thought […]

  • PSP Podcast #49

    This week we have a few pieces of news we then get into a Review of Pursuit Force and Cara chimes in with 2 previews, Metal Gear AC!D 2 and Splinter Cell. We are playing around with a dual host format, let us know what you think! Call our voicemail line and leave us a comment! 1-206-326-1221 If you would […]

  • PG Rewind – Mar 13th 2006

    Another Monday, another PGR Podcast. In this episode we bring you some news on Metal Gear:BD, Wipeout Pure hidden packs, and the usual roundup of homebrew and game release dates. Listen in for a super special announcement, you don’t want to miss this one! Call our voicemail line and leave us a comment! 1-206-326-1221 If you would like to give […]

  • PSP Podcast #48

    The new audio equipment is finally here! We hope it sounds as good for you as it sounds to me šŸ™‚ In this podcast we have some news items for you, I review EXIT, and finally Cara is here with The Scene. She talks about Syphon Filter, and if her preview doesn’t get you interested in that title. Well.. than […]

  • Portable Gaming Rewind – March 6th 2006

    What is PGR Podcast you say? Portable Gaming Rewind is a new podcast from the folks at Portable Gaming Revolution. We will be bringing you a weekly roundup of all the latest news on Mondays. Don’t worry though, the PSP Podcast is still here! We will be taking a more Review/Special feature focus with it from now on though. So […]

  • PSP Podcast #47

    This week we announce the winners of our Wallpaper contest. I give you a review of Street Fighter 3 Alpha Max, and clue you in to a few news items. This week’s episode is a little shorter then intended due to a major lack of time this week. We hope you guys won’t mind too much. If you would like […]

  • PSP Podcast #46

    After a short hiatus the PSP podcast is back and bursting with news. I talk about the newest PSP rumours such as online play and GPS. I review Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and Ultimate Block Party, and Cara brings us a preview of the next Untold Legends game. If you would like to give it a listen you can […]

  • PSP Podcast #45

    No you read that right, this is podcast #45! We felt that all of our .5 episodes and special editions were getting a bit confusing, so we added them all together and found that this episode is #45! It was a nice round number so we went with it, so here you go! We have lots of news for you […]

  • PSP Podcast #36

    We are back with episode #36. After some technical difficulties on my end, and the eventual purchase of a new Intel iMac, we are back! This week I bring you a pile of news, info on our wallpaper contest, answer some user audio questions and of course, Cara is back with a great episode of the Scene. Thanks for being […]

  • PSP Podcast #35

    We are kicking off 2006 with our first episode of the PSP Podcast. After a long break we are back with lots of news, a review of Tokobot and a great episode of the scene talking about the new games featuring the Blue Bomber. Welcome to 2006 everyone, hopefully we’ll still be doing this into 2007! If you would like […]

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