• DeREZD #072 – Statik Reviewed

    DeREZD #072 – Statik Reviewed

    Welcome to the DeREZD Podcast for this week! On this week’s show we review the amazing puzzle box game Statik! We both really enjoyed this title. It’s a puzzle game sure, but it has a creepy setting that made us think of Portal or Half-Life 2. Statik is a little $20 gem on the PSVR store! Enjoy the show! If […]

  • Inside LEGO #037 – Buttercup is in the Building!

    Inside LEGO #037 – Buttercup is in the Building!

    We have a lighter on the news episode for you all this week. The next wave for Dimensions is still a few weeks away, but we still have some cool stuff to talk about! We chat about The new Dimensions patch, show off the Buttercup minifig (will a sneak peek at Beetlejuice), talk about LEGO City Undercover and more! We […]

  • DeREZD #071 – We Played Herocade…

    DeREZD #071 – We Played Herocade…

    Welcome to another DeREZD podcast! This week Will and I spent some time playing the new mini-experience collection, Herocade. Sadly we didn’t enjoy much of what we played. If this game was on your radar hopefully we can help you with your decision. 2 of the games are good, a few are ok, and the rest are a bit of […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #282 – Graceful Explosion Machine

    Nintendo Pulse #282 – Graceful Explosion Machine

    The Nintendo Switch is a month old! Stephen and I get together to talk about the past month in gaming. We chat about the games we’ve been playing: Has-Been Heroes, LEGO CITY Undercover, Graceful Explosion Machine and of course… Zelda! Run down the week’s news. It’s a packed show and we hope you enjoy it! If you enjoy what we […]

  • DeREZD #070 – Wait, It’s Not In 3D!?

    DeREZD #070 – Wait, It’s Not In 3D!?

    We have a great show for you this week! Will talks about his play through of Fated. We talk about the latest game releases — Why the heck isn’t VIRRY VR in 3D!? — then round up the week’s news. Enjoy the show! If you enjoy what we do here, please consider becoming a Patron so we can bring you […]

  • Inside LEGO #036 – LEGO CITY Undercover

    Inside LEGO #036 – LEGO CITY Undercover

    We are back with another Inside LEGO podcast! This week we had the remastered release of one of the best LEGO games ever, LEGO CITY Undercover! This was a gem on the WiiU and it’s great to see a larger pool of customers able to play this wonderful LEGO title! We also run down the LEGO Game news from the […]

  • Nintendo Pulse #281 – Snake Pass

    Nintendo Pulse #281 – Snake Pass

    It’s another week in Nintendo Land, can you believe that the Switch isn’t even a month old yet!? Feels like this awesome little console has been a part of my gaming life for much much longer. On this week’s show we chat about the Splatoon 2 Test Fire, New Frontier Days, Metal Slug and I talk a fair bit about […]

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